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5″ Polyurethane Threaded Caster

5" Polyurethane Threaded Caster

5″ Polyurethane Threaded Caster These casters are ideal for smooth surfaces and are sterile for use in the health industry.

  • Brakes for secure locking
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs per caster (1200lbs for a set of 4)
  • May not fit other shelving brands
  • Fits most 1″ posts
  • 1/2″ diameter stems
  • 12 threads per inch
  • Casters add 6″ to total shelf height

When you want long lasting stability, our polyurethane threaded casters are a great solution. Our strongest casters are perfect for heavy-duty jobs and effortlessly glide on most floors.

Space is a big problem for many people. Proper use of space and the need to maximize floor space have become very important. However, a system of racking can be considered as the best solution for all your problems, to organize, organize and store business, precisely in offices, residences and other large industrial companies.

The best advantage of a shelf system is that you save a lot of valuable space. Moreover, they can be used both at home and in the office. The shelf not only helps you organize things accurately, but also offers plenty of space to store things in the right place, from books to other heavy industrial products. There are many different types of shelves available, such as wooden, plastic and metal shelves. All these boards are equally important and have their own characteristics.

Wooden planks can be considered as the classic type of planks. It can be made of high-quality wood and is fairly durable, elegant and sturdy in appearance. These boards are widely used by most libraries around the world.

Plastic shelves are the most suitable for storage and display of lightweight materials. These boards are pretty durable, versatile and also without rust. Plastic shelves are non-conductive and solvent-resistant materials such as battery acid and other cleaning solutions.

The metal shelf is the most durable and versatile type of shelf. They are widely used by many offices and other industrial companies. They are heavy products and have more storage capacity than any other type of board.