Shelf Clip

Shelf Clip

Shelf Clip People often have trouble naming these little guys. We’ve heard all kinds of descriptions, from “shelf clips” to “that little black thing that snaps together and holds a shelf.” Regardless of what you call it, the clips for wire shelving are the key to the whole system! For such an important product part, you’d think they’d have a better name! Facebook us what you think they should be called (just click the little “F”) on the bottom of the page.

  • 1″ diameter
  • Fits around post and locks together
  • Required to place shelves on posts
  • 4 split sleeves required for 1 shelf

This plastic shelf clip easily snaps onto your post to secure the shelf. The split sleeve relies on gravity and simply locks into place. This size fits all of our chrome wire shelving.

So, what is open shelving? As the name suggests, it is an open system of shelves for kitchen. It features a more casual, rural and airy look. If you are a modern home owner and thinking to inculcate this functional idea into your kitchen, here are some good reasons which ensure that is a must try option.

The first and the foremost benefit of having an open shelving system is space. Open shelves create a spacious visual while still providing storage for everyday essentials.

Open shelving space is great for collectors. People who love to showcase their cutlery and dishware, open shelves are the apt choice for them where they can display their collectibles.

Open shelves are far more economical than modular kitchens. You can choose from the best shapes, styles & materials, and still end up saving some money for the rest of the decor. Open shelves are flexible. It eases your way into the day. When you are extremely tired and don’t want to open & close the kitchen cabinet doors every now & then, open shelves come to your rescue and saves you time.