Security S-Hook

Security S-Hook

Security S-Hook Security S-Hooks function the same as our S-Hooks but include a screw to make sure the shelves cannot move. They allow you to connect shelves without all the bulkiness from the poles, saving you room and creating more storage space. It is recommended to use 2 Security S-Hooks per shelf. However, if you are connecting an 8 or 12 in depth shelf, one should be sufficient.

  • S design for weight support
  • Supporting up to 800 lb shelves
  • Works with any of our wire shelving

Security S-Hooks allow you to customize your wire shelving by adding on more shelves. Just like our S-hooks, they can create L-shaped storage but it also includes a screw to ensure the shelves are secure.

Have you ever seen shelves that look like they are floating against a wall? True to their name, floating shelves give the illusion of being suspended in the air without any visible sign of support. Many homes choose to incorporate floating shelves into their decor because they are both beautiful and functional. In fact, there are many benefits to floating shelves, and here are a few:

Cleaner look. Your wall will look less cluttered and overloaded when you use floating shelves because they take up less space and leave more room to truly showcase your decor.

Light and airy. The extra space around your floating shelves will make it look lighter to the eyes and create a more airy ambiance. This is a great illusion to create, especially if you are in a small space.

Beautiful and unique. Your wall will look more distinctive if you use floating shelves versus traditional shelves. They catch people’s eye and make your interior design appear particularly stylish and unique.

Less space required. If you have a tiny nook you want to decorate, but have little room to work with, floating shelves are a perfect solution. Less space is required overall and they take up zero floor space.