Rubber Threaded Casters

Rubber Threaded Casters

Rubber Threaded Casters Threaded casters are perfect for adding mobility to any pre-existing shelving unit. Threads on the caster allow you to select the perfect height to balance your shelf.

  • Each wheel has a brake
  • May not fit other shelving brands
  • Ideal for rolling over different surfaces
  • 1/2″ diameter stems
  • 12 threads per inch
  • Add 1″ to each caster size for the height (example – 3″ diameter caster is 4″h)
  • Weight capacities (each):
    • 3″: 150lbs
    • 4″: 200lbs
    • 5″: 250lbs

The perfect alternative when you only need one caster instead of a pack of 4. Our rubber threaded individual casters are an easy replacement part for your mobile shelving unit.

Have you seen boards that floated against a wall? True to its name, the floating planks give the illusion of being suspended in the air without any visible sign of support. Many houses choose to include floating boards in their interior because they are beautiful and functional. In fact, there are many advantages for floating boards, and here are some:

Looks cleaner. Your wall looks less cluttered and overloaded if you use floating boards, because they take up less space and leave more room to actually show your decor.

Light and airy. The extra space around your floating boards makes it appear lighter for the eyes and creates a more airy environment. This is a great illusion to create, especially if you are in a small space.

Beautiful and unique. Your wall looks distinctive when using floating boards or traditional boards. They attract the attention of the people and make their interior look very elegant and unique.

Need less space. If you have a small corner that you want to decorate but have little space to work with, the floating boards are the perfect solution. Less space is generally required and takes up no space.