Ledge for Wire Shelves

Ledge for Wire Shelves

Ledge for Wire Shelves Use a shelf ledge on mobile shelving units to keep items from slipping off when moving the cart. Put them on closet units to keep clothes and linens orderly and to prevent them from falling off.

  • Prevents items from sliding off sides or back of shelf
  • Can be used along depth or width of shelf
  • Wraps around front and back of post for secure hold
  • For best results, use on middle and lower shelves

Designed to sit on your shelf, these ledges have a slight bend in the footing that straddles the shelf edge. Curves in the horizontal barrier fit around the front and back of the post for a secure hold.

When designing a kitchen, consideration to using roll-out kitchen shelves should be given great weight. There are great benefits from installing roll-out shelves.

Because roll-out shelving is a much sought after feature, installing these in your kitchen makes for greater convenience as well as becoming an extra selling feature for the entire home.

Roll-out shelf installation requires no cabinet modification. The shelf itself can be made to fit the dimensions of the kitchen cabinet.

Roll-out shelving allows for immediate access of all items stored on individual shelves.

Access is safer using a roll-out mechanism that allows users to select items without reaching in and over others exposing possible dangers for bodily harm.

Roll-out, or pull-out, pantry shelving can be configured at varying widths with the wider on the bottom for larger items and each ascending shelf decreasing in width allowing for not only greater visual access for shopping list consideration, but will allow easier access and use.

Under the sink storage can also have greater access to cleaning materials through use of roll-out mechanisms allowing for both shelves as well as drawers move into place for better selection of stored items.