Basic Wire Closet Shelving – 24″d x 72″h

Basic Wire Closet Shelving - 24"d x 72"h

Basic Wire Closet Shelving – 24″d x 72″h Get those skeletons out of your closet with this bare bones shelving unit! Perfect for standard 24″d closets, the top shelf can be set at 72″h, providing you with overhead storage while the coat-rod is suspended 4″ below.

  • Freestanding wire shelving doesn’t damage walls
  • Extra stability from hanger rails
  • Shelf can be set at custom heights along post
  • Wire shelving garment rack fits within standard 24″d closets
  • Shelf holds up to 800 lbs
  • Coat rod holds up to 400 lbs
  • Add casters to make your closet shelf mobile
  • Includes
    • (1) 24″d wire shelf (w/ shelf clips)
    • (4) 72″h round posts (w/ leveling feet)
    • (2) 24″d hanger rails
    • (2) wide hanger rails to match the width of your shelf
    • (1) coat rod (w/ brackets) to match the width of your shelf

This wire shelving unit is a simple, freestanding closet organizer. Perfect for cleaning up your closet without damaging the walls.

The open shelving kitchen trend has been around for a few years now, but real talk: it doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. While it’s certainly not a look that works for everyone, it might be a great option if you’re looking to inject some fresh, modern vibes into your space.

For those of you that are always trying to tame a big mess at home, I would suggest you skip this one. But for everyone else, here are eight reasons you might want to consider giving open shelving a try in your own space.

Believe it or not, open shelving is something that you can ease your way into. Start off by simply taking off your cabinet doors. This will allow you to see if the open-shelving thing works for you. If it does, you might eventually choose to replace your cabinets with true open shelves.

Even if you’re sure you want to try open shelving, you don’t have to make ALL the shelves in your kitchen open. Consider trying a combination of open shelving and closed cabinets for the ultimate in storage flexibility. You can keep a few closed cabinets to wrangle the clutter and use open shelving for the rest of your space.

Open shelving is also a good option if you have some odd, unusable space in your kitchen. This custom shelving around the door frame adds quite a bit of storage in an area that, otherwise, would have been wasted.