Baker’s Rack – 14″d x 36″w x 72″h

Baker's Rack - 14"d x 36"w x 72"h

Baker’s Rack – 14″d x 36″w x 72″h The bakers rack comes with everything you need to organize your kitchen in a small space. The hardwood shelf is made from North American hardwoods while the wire shelving is NSF approved for use in food service.

  • Flat shelves hold up to 800 lbs, cantilever shelf (top) holds 40 lbs
  • Shelves adjust every 1″ along posts
  • Butcher Block top is designed to allow room for posts in corners
  • Wine rack holds 9 bottles of wine
  • Hanger rail and hooks allow you to hang frequently used items within reach
  • Kit Includes:
    • (3) 14″d x 36″w wire shelves
    • (1) 14″d x 36″w wine rack
    • (1) 12″d x 36″w cantilever shelf
    • (1) 14″d 36″w wood butcher block top
    • (2) 72″ posts and (2) 34″ posts
    • (1) 36″ hanger rail
    • (4) J-hooks

Organize your kitchen with this all-in-one bakers rack. Store pots, pans, appliances, wine and still have room to prepare your food.

Have you ever thought about improving your home but fell short on ideas that would efficiently match your budget and envisioned design? It is almost too often that people are overspending for organizational products that do not provide the assistance or enhancement that was promised. Shelves That Slide is here to answer all your home improvement and organizational needs.

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