24″d x 30″w Wire Shelving Add-Ons with 4 Shelves

24"d x 30"w Wire Shelving Add-Ons with 4 Shelves

24″d x 30″w Wire Shelving Add-Ons with 4 Shelves Since these units only have two posts, one end is supported by attaching to an existing wire shelving unit with small (but strong) S-hooks. Using these hooks, you can create L-shaped storage or U-shaped shelving, which is perfect for walk in pantries and dry storage. These shelves are NSF approved for use in food service and medical fields.

  • Each shelf holds up to 800 lbs (evenly distributed)
  • S-hooks support shelf end, eliminating need for post
  • Chrome plated finish
  • Shelf clips and leveling feet included
  • Kit Includes

    • 4 Wire Shelves (w/ shelf clips) – 24″d x 30″w
    • 2 Posts (w/ leveling feet)
    • 8 S-hooks

    Customize your shelving to fit your space with these add on units. Each level can be adjusted to match your free-standing wire shelf, then attached at a right angle or end-to-end. These units are perfect for corner shelving.

    Space is a big problem faced my many people. Proper utilisation of space and the need for maximising available floor space has become very important. However, a shelving system can be considered the best solution to all your problems, to arrange, organise and stock up things precisely in offices, homes and also other large industrial companies.

    The best advantage of a shelving system is that it saves you a lot of valuable floor space. Moreover, they can be used for both home as well as office use. Shelving not only helps you to organise things precisely but also provides ample space to store things in their appropriate place, right from books to other heavy industrial products. There are many different types of shelves available, like wood, plastic and metal shelves. All these shelves are equally important and have their own characteristic features.

    Wooden shelving can be considered the classic type of shelving. It can be made of high quality wood and is quite durable, classy and sturdy in appearance. These shelves are widely used by most libraries all around the world.

    Plastic shelving is best suited for storage and display of light materials. These shelves are quite durable, versatile and also rust free. Plastic shelves are non conductive materials and are resistant to solvents like battery acid and other cleaning solutions.

    Metal shelving is the most durable and versatile type of shelving. They are widely used by many offices and other industrial companies. They are heavy duty products and have more storage capacity than any other type of shelves.