14″ Depth Wire Shelves

14" Depth Wire Shelves

14″ Depth Wire Shelves Please note that these shelves may not fit with shelves from different wire shelving brands. Use the actual dimensions below to access whether our shelves will fit with your existing system.

  • Holds up to 800 lbs (60″w and 72″w shelves hold up to 500lbs) evenly distributed
  • Wire rungs promote ventilation
  • Chrome finish is bright and reflective
  • Includes plastic shelf clips
  • Actual Dimensions: 14″d = 13.938″d
    • 14″w = 13.625″w
    • 18″w = 17.625″w
    • 24″w = 23.625″w
    • 30″w = 29.625″w
    • 36″w = 35.625″w
    • 42″w = 41.75″w
    • 48″w = 47.625″w
    • 60″w = 59.75″w
    • 72″w = 71.75″w

Build your own custom shelving kit with a set of 4 posts, or add another level to your existing chrome wire shelving unit. Select the size that fits your space below.

When designing a kitchen, great importance should be attached to the use of kitchen shelves. There are great advantages when installing shelf inserts.

How Docking Shelves are a very desirable function, installing them in your kitchen offers more convenience and also becomes an additional sales function for the whole house.

Installing the shelf requires no adjustment of the cabinet. The shelf itself can be adjusted to the dimensions of the kitchen cabinet.

The shelf offers direct access to all items stored on individual shelves.

Access is safer with a roller. output mechanism that allows users to select unreachable items within and over others, exposing potential hazards to personal injury. Pantry shelves can be configured in different widths, with the widest part at the bottom for larger items and each lower shelf decreasing in width, allowing not only greater visual access to the shopping list but access and use.

Under storage for washing rooms, better access to cleaning materials can also be obtained by using roll-out mechanisms with which both shelves and drawers can be moved to a better selection of stored items.