Wire Basket Shelves

Wire Basket Shelves

Basket shelves are only available in our most popular sizes, 18×24 and 18×36. The depth of the shelf is measured from front to back, width is side to side, and height is from the bottom of the basket to the top of the frame. Unit includes shelf clips to attach to shelving unit.

  • Basket holds up to 400 lbs (evenly distributed)
  • 3″h from basket bottom to frame top
  • NSF approved for use in food storage

These basket shelves are great in a kitchen for holding loose vegetables, extra tableware, pantry items or any other items you need to store.

Mobile rack systems are specially designed to use the full height, length and width of available space. The shelves of the mobile shelf system are also designed in sizes that allow the products to fit perfectly, so that the extra space for frills is not lost. When installing a mobile storage system, the organization can increase the storage area at once.


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