White Wire Shelving with 4 Shelves

White Wire Shelving with 4 Shelves
  • Holds up to 300lbs per shelf, evenly distributed
  • Shelves are adjustable every 1″ along post
  • Also available in black
  • Includes
    • 4 White Wire Shelves 18″d
    • 4 White Posts – 72″h
    • 16 Shelf clips

This white shelving unit will look perfect in your pantry, closet, or in the playroom. Shelves can be loaded easily from all sides, allowing versatility in your storage.

With the storage mobilized, other stationary (or fixed) lines of racks or racks are mounted in cars and mobilized. The cars run on industrial quality wheels along with a rail system that is anchored on the ground. By moving from one place to another, the system can “compress” (or compress) stored materials in a much smaller footprint compared to a stationary system, but still provide 100 percent access when needed. Each system can be configured to connect to the dimensions of the stored materials or to a particular footprint.


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