Rubber Stem Casters – 4pk

Rubber Stem Casters - 4pk

Rubber Stem Casters are a great way keep your pre-existing shelving unit from becoming unbalanced. Whereas threaded casters can become unscrewed over time, stem casters will never pull out from the post.

  • Add 1″ to each caster size for the height (example – 3″ diameter caster is 4″h)
  • Weight capacities per 4 pack:
    • 3″: 600lbs
    • 4″: 800lbs
    • 5″: 1000lbs
  • Fits most 1″ posts
  • NO THREADS, inserts directly into post
  • Must remove threaded plug in post to fit
  • Ideal for use when moving across different surfaces

As opposed to screwing rubber threaded casters into the post, you may opt to insert rubber stem casters, instead. Stem casters eliminate the possibility of your wheels becoming unscrewed or detached from the post.

People have benefited from moving racks for a long time. It creates space, improves productivity and increases safety in your workplace. After more than 40 years of evolution and ingenuity, the number of mobile shelves has increased significantly, allowing you to maximize the benefits of using one of our favorite storage methods.


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