Polyurethane Stem Caster

Polyurethane Stem Caster

These casters are ideal for smooth surfaces like in basements or warehouses and are sterile for use in the health industry.

  • Brakes for secure locking
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs per caster (1200lbs for a set of 4)
  • NO THREADS, inserted into post
  • Must remove threaded plug in brands post to fit
  • Compatible in almost any 1″ post

Our polyurethane stem casters provide heavy duty permanent support and a smooth glide for your shelving unit. Four casters hold up to 1200lbs for a durability and strength above and beyond other brands.

Mobile racks are incredibly space-saving. Generally, if a storage space requires three back-to-shelving lines, four corridors are required in the middle to allow access. Mobile racks require only one access isolator.


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