Mini Fridge Cart for Dorms

Mini Fridge Cart for Dorms

Can fit mini fridges up to 18″ deep and 24″ wide.Includes

  • (1) 18″d x 24″w Wire Shelf
  • (1) 18″d x 24″w Wire Sliding Shelf
  • (1) 18″d x 24″w Wire Basket Shelf
  • (4) 14″h Posts
  • (4) 3″ Rubber Threaded Casters
  • Sliding shelf and 3″ deep basket for comfortable storage
  • Unit is free standing and will not damage walls, so perfect for dorms or renters
  • Top shelf can hold up to 800 lbs so is sturdy enough for any small fridge and other appliances
  • With casters, cart will stand at 17″ high
  • The shelves can be adjusted to any desired height during installation
  • Casters that will be shipped are slightly larger and better quality than those pictured

This mini fridge cart will help you pass Organization 101 by making the most of the area you use the most. Our tough as nails wire shelving holds your fridge up and out of the way so you can store some essentials underneath and keep everything right where

Mobile racks are a versatile solution that condenses to items stored in less space, while improving ergonomics, accessibility and organization. These systems are ideal for environments where space is limited because they have the ability to free up valuable space when needed. But how does this do it? With a simple push of a button or flip a handle, the shelves are compact to save 50% of space, offering the same amount of storage as traditional shelves.


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