Hanger Rails for Depth

Hanger Rails for Depth

You may also use the hanger rail as a guard rail on the sides of each shelf, preventing items from falling. Another option would be to use a hanger rail to attach utility hooks for extra accessories. If you need a hanger rail to run the width of a unit, buy hanger rails for width

  • Allow attachment of accessories
  • Can be used in place of bottom shelf for stability
  • Constructed with a zig-zag for extra support
  • Fits 1″ posts

This hanger rail matches the depth (front to back) of your wire shelving to add stability to the unit, allowing larger spaces between shelves.

Mobile shelving, movable shelving, mobile aisle shelving, roller racking or rolling stack are all names, or terms used to describe these shelving or storage units with wheels that are on traction systems. The units can be packed together closely like a concertina when access is not required and are easily moved to open up an aisle or work space when needed.


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