Double Wire Shelf Brackets

Double Wire Shelf Brackets

Whether you want to extend the length of your wall mounted wire shelf, or you want to reinforce your wall shelving with shorter lengths and a greater number of supports, these double brackets are easy to install.

  • Two sets of bends accept each collar of the adjacent shelves, preventing movement
  • Wall plate has four drilled holes, allowing you to tightly secure your bracket to the wall
  • Holds up to 100 lbs (depending on your wall’s construction)
  • Attaches directly to wall
  • To be used with (2) Single Wall Brackets to support 2 adjoining shelves
  • Bracket size is listed by depth of shelf they support. Actual bracket depth is 2″ larger than listed size
    • 8″d bracket works with 8″d shelf, but is 10″d

This style of mounting bracket is used exclusively with wire shelving, allowing you to join two wall shelves end-to-end.

With the storage mobilized, other stationary (or fixed) lines of racks or racks are mounted in cars and mobilized. The cars run on industrial quality wheels along with a rail system that is anchored on the ground. By moving from one place to another, the system can “compress” (or compress) stored materials in a much smaller footprint compared to a stationary system, but still provide 100 percent access when needed. Each system can be configured to connect to the dimensions of the stored materials or to a particular footprint.


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