Basic Wire Closet Shelving – 18″d x 72″h

Basic Wire Closet Shelving - 18"d x 72"h

The basic wire closet shelving is great for small spaces because it is available in a variety of sizes. These models will fit in any closet that is at least 18 inches or deeper, which is standard for most closets. The versatility makes this style great for renters and home owners alike! Pick the size that fits your space and organize your wardrobe today.

  • Height of shelf can be adjusted along posts
  • Hanger rails add stability and double as accessory rack
  • Ventilated design promotes visibility and improved airflow
  • Wire shelf holds up to 800 lbs
  • Clothing rod holds 400 lbs
  • Add casters to make your closet shelf mobile
  • Includes
    • (1) 18″d wire shelf (w/ shelf clips)
    • (4) 72″h posts (w/ leveling feet)
    • (2) 18″d hanger rails and (2) shelf-width hanger rails
    • (1) Clothes hanging rod (w/ brackets) matching shelf width

Assembly Info

Sometimes we find ourselves with too many clothes and not enough space. That’s usually sign to clean out your closet. A great way to get organized is with the basic closet garment rack.

Mobile shelving is incredibly space efficient. Generally, if a storage space requires three rows of back to back shelving it also requires four aisles between to allow access. Mobile shelving only needs one access aisle.


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