8″ Translucent Shelf Liners

8" Translucent Shelf Liners

Please note that each liner is cut to order. Kindly measure your space as most items are final sale.Purchase liners by matching the depth and width of your shelves to the dimensions of the liner. These liners work perfectly with our 8″d chrome wire shelving, and can be cut to match less-common sizes.

  • Made from durable, flexible, 1mm thick translucent polyprophelene
  • Easily cut to different sizes or shapes if needed
  • Moisture resistant & easy to clean

Shelf liners provide a stable surface so that books,DVDs, and small figurines can stand up on wire shelving. They also allow wire to be used as a work surface and give the shelving an attractive modern look. Recyclable and made in the USA!

Mobile racks are incredibly space-saving. Generally, if a storage space requires three back-to-shelving lines, four corridors are required in the middle to allow access. Mobile racks require only one access isolator.


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