5″ Polyurethane Threaded Caster

5" Polyurethane Threaded Caster

These casters are ideal for smooth surfaces and are sterile for use in the health industry.

  • Brakes for secure locking
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs per caster (1200lbs for a set of 4)
  • May not fit other shelving brands
  • Fits most 1″ posts
  • 1/2″ diameter stems
  • 12 threads per inch
  • Casters add 6″ to total shelf height

When you want long lasting stability, our polyurethane threaded casters are a great solution. Our strongest casters are perfect for heavy-duty jobs and effortlessly glide on most floors.

Mobile shelves have ideal applications as office filing systems (think architectural offices, a dentist or doctor’s office), archive box or document storage, or even in schools, but they’re flexible enough to have their benefits realized in any business, regardless of industry. Whether an office setting or a store room, the ability to move stock with limited activity and recoup up to 50% or more of your space is good for business.


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