14″d x 18″w Wire Shelving Add-Ons with 4 Shelves

14"d x 18"w Wire Shelving Add-Ons with 4 Shelves

Units can be attached at right angles using S-hooks allowing an open corner design for easy access or end-to-end in a straight line.

  • Each shelf holds up to 800 lbs (evenly distributed)
  • S-hooks support shelf end, eliminating need for post
  • Easy, tool free assembly
  • Kit Includes
    • 4 Wire Shelves (w/ shelf clips) – 14″d x 18″w
    • 2 Posts (w/ leveling feet)
    • 8 S-hooks

Thanks to strong metal S-hooks, you can get perfect corner shelving without any posts blocking the way. These units attach to existing wire shelving for strong, supportive storage.

Mobile shelving is the best way to organise your documents and keep them in place. With mobile shelving, you can make sure that all your documents are catalogued according to specifications of your choice making it much easier to find things when you need them.


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