14″d Wall Mounted Wire Shelving with 3 Shelves

14"d Wall Mounted Wire Shelving with 3 Shelves

Just like our standard wire shelving units, these kits are easy to assemble. The brackets feature a 1″ bump where the collar of each shelf sits, keeping them securely in place. Set it on your wall and get organized!

  • Weight capacity depends on wall construction and anchor type: 100-600lbs
  • Ventilated construction promotes airflow
  • Please note, there is a 3″ gap between back of shelf and your wall. Bracket protrudes 1″ past front edge of shelf
  • Kit Includes
    • 6 Brackets
    • 2 Posts w/ wall mount caps
    • 3 Wire Shelves w/ shelf clips

Adjustable Wall Mounted Wire Shelving is great for kitchens, restaurants, or anywhere you need extra storage but don’t have floor space.

Mobile racks are a versatile solution that condenses to items stored in less space, while improving ergonomics, accessibility and organization. These systems are ideal for environments where space is limited because they have the ability to free up valuable space when needed. But how does this do it? With a simple push of a button or flip a handle, the shelves are compact to save 50% of space, offering the same amount of storage as traditional shelves.


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